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Labrary Team


Job Type

Part Time

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About the Role

Department: Labrary is the research and advisory team at Chim Media. We provide insightful, data-driven research reports and presentations on ideas behind each initiative and client’s project.

Responsibilities: Team members work together to explore all sorts of concepts related to business, technology, operations, the startup world, restaurant, and many more. We are responsible for digesting a vast amount of content and data into informative research reports and presentations. We are also responsible for managing and growing Chim Media’s knowledge database.


  • Work on internal and external projects.

  • Familiarize interns with Chim Media’s workflow and teammates.

  • Allow interns to showcase their potential to further collaborate with Chim Media through various opportunities:

  • Shareholder

  • Project Manager

  • (Virtual) Brand Founder/Co-Founder

  • Consultant

  • Intern(hack)athon Competitor

  • Freelancer



  • Strong interest in the startup world and the food industry.

  • Strong presentation and interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to conduct internet research and provide reports.

  • Ability to effectively work 100% remotely.

  • Ability to collaborate with other departments and communicate with clients as needed.

  • Ability to communicate effectively in English.

  • Curiosity about a wide range of topics and always eager to learn new things.

Desired Experience:

  • Previous experience in the startup world.

  • Previous experience in one’s own passion project.

  • Previous experience in food+tech space (ex. Virtual brands, ghost kitchens).

Desired Characteristics:

  • Rapid learner.

  • Desire to experiment, fail and succeed.

  • Innovative and imaginative.

  • Love thinking of big ideas.

  • Agile.

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